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Expedition 4
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James Cameron R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh The Submersibles Mir I and Mir II
The so far biggest and most ambitious expedition carried out by Canadian director James Cameron (director of the famous Titanic and Terminator movies among others) and Earthship TV using state-of-the-art camera technology. This expedition used manned submersible and ROV.
Expedition carried out by: Earthship TV, USA for Discovery Channel and IMAX
Purpose of Expedition: To film the wreck to be used in a documentary for American Discovery Channel and a 3D project for American IMAX.
Expedition start location: Kiel, Germany
Expedition start: 22 May 2002
Expedition arrival at wreck site: 27 May 2002
Expedition left wreck site: 7 June 2002
Expedition end: 12 June 2002
Expedition end location: Ponta Delgado, Azores, Portugal
Number of dives: 12

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