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James Cameron's Expedition: Bismarck May - June 2002

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Expedition Diary
The Azores

Wednesday 12. June 2002:

I got out of bed at 05:45.

At 06:45 the Keldysh arrived at Ponta Delgado which is the main town on the Azores.

We had to wait outside the harbour as the pilot boat that was going to lead us into the harbour woudn't arrive until 08:00.

Photo: The Keldysh waited outside the harbour of Ponta Delgado on the Azores.
Photo: The Keldysh here on its way into the harbour of Ponta Delgado.

At 08:15 the Keldysh was moored at the pier.

Then we had to wait for the customs to search the ship to make sure everything was fine before we could leave the ship.

Shortly before noon David Bercuson, Thomas Schmid, Michael Weiss, Bill Wisher and I started an expedition to downtown Ponta Delgado. We had a great trip and were back again in the afternoon.

Photo: We launched an expedition that wanted to explore Ponta Delgado. From left to right, Bill Wisher, Dr. David Bercuson, Thomas Schmid and Michael Weiss. In the background the Keldysh.
Photo: The Keldysh at the pier seen from the city of Ponta Delgado on the Azores.

At 19:30 the team members had a farewell dinner at restaurant Barracuda in Ponta Delgado.

We were back on the Keldysh at 23:30.

Photo: At the pier there was a long wall where it was possible to make drawings and write the name of ones ship. Here I have found a drawing and the name of the Keldysh made at an earlier visit to Ponta Delgado.
Photo: The Keldysh. The thin red line marks the windows to my cabin.

I went to bed at 02:00 in the morning.

Thursday 13. June 2002:

I got out of bed at 05:00.

Together with some of the other team members I left the Keldysh at 07:30 to go to the airport and fly home.

Photo: Time to say goodbye. Here I and other team members prepare to leave the Keldysh and go to the airport. It was a very sad moment although we all looked forward to going home.

I flew from the Azores to Lissabon (Lisboa) in Portugal.

In Lissabon (Lisboa) I changed plane and flew directly to Copenhagen, Denmark.

I was home at 18:30 in the evening.

My participation in James Cameron's Expedition: Bismarck had come to an end and I could say: Mission Accomplished!

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