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The Battle of the Denmark Strait
The Bismarck opens fires on Hood while far astern of the Prinz Eugen. The depth charge launcher is fully loaded with 3 depth charges.
Bismarck firing at Prince of Wales. The splash is from the 20th salvo from Prince of Wales. Bismarck has just fired her port side 15 cm secondary turrets against Prince of Wales.
Moments later, the last salvo from Prince of Wales falls ahead of Bismarck. The Bismarck sailing on a parallel western course to Prinz Eugen while firing her "D" turret.
The fatal explosion of HMS Hood as seen from Prinz Eugen at 0600-0601.
Bismarck now fire on Prince of Wales with her 38 cm after main turrets. Bismarck prepare to turn to port and heading south. Bismarck is now on starboard side of Prinz Eugen heading south.
A view at the British ships. To the left two column of smoke where Hood was sunk. To the right fall of splashes from the German task force and Prince of Wales sailing away leaving behind her a smoke screen.
Bismarck fires one of her last salvoes at Prince of Wales at 0608. Bismarck is preparing to come between PG and Prince of Wales and crossing Prinz Eugen's wake. Bismarck has now crossed Prinz Eugen's wake and is now abreast PG, which has ceased firing.
Bismarck abreast of Prinz Eugen at 0619. The forward guns are oriented towards Suffolk that fired five salvo's against Prinz Eugen. Bismarck did not open fire. At 0621, Bismarck's guns are being returned to zero position as Prinz Eugen accelerates and pulls ahead to resume the lead.
Later that morning 24. May around 1000, Prinz Eugen decreased speed as it was requested to fall behind and check the oil leak from Bismarck. A detail photo of Bismarck taking from Prinz Eugen at the time the heavy cruiser checked the battleship's oil leak.
Prinz Eugen speeds ahead with Bismarck in her wake. This photo documents that Prinz Eugen had used depth charges during the Denmark Strait Battle. Prinz Eugen is now well ahead of Bismarck and preparing to reduce speed. Photo has been censored so the fuel rings are missing. Notice also the used cartridges on the ausbau deck.
Bismarck follows Prinz Eugen several hours after the battle. This is the last German photograph of the Bismarck, taken shortly before the detachment of the Prinz Eugen at 1814 on 24 May 1941. Prinz Eugen has now reloaded the depth charge launcher.

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