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The Fitting-out
These pictures show the Bismarck in September 1939. The two forward turrets ("Anton" and "Berta") and the fourth turret ("Dora") has allready been installed.
The Bismarck alongside the Blohm & Voss fitting-out pier in January 1940. Towering behind the ship is one of the large (250 t) hammer cranes used to load aboard the heavier equipment. The work is well advanced: the main turrets, funnel and cunning tower have been installed and temporary structures are in position for the next stage of the building programme. Note the ice in the water. The Bismarck in Februar 1940. Because of the exceptionally severe winter the work continued at a reduced speed. Note the ice in the water.
The battleship is at this stage of construction in May or June of 1940. The final stage of fitting-out. The superstructure are almost completely installed by this time. 23 June 1940 The Bismarck was placed in the floating dock. In the following three weeks she was equipped with the underwater listening system (the MES-system) and the three propellers. 14 July 1940 the Bismarck left the floating dock again.

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