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Bismarck Illustrations by Nick Fox
The most accurate drawings ever made of the Bismarck!
Nick Fox have a very big interest in the Bismarck and it's history. As he is skilled to do it he decided to make the best and most accurate drawings of the Bismarck ever made. After more than 500 hours of work making these drawings he achieved his goal. Before making the drawings, a long period doing research was necessary. To make it as accurate as possible the drawings was made in full scale (1:1) meaning that they're more than 250 meters long, just like the real ship.

Nick Fox made these drawings for his own pleasure but he has been encouraged by people familiar with his drawings to sell copies of them to ship modellers and others which are interested in obtaining high quality drawings of the Bismarck. Many ship modellers desparately try to find good drawings of the Bismarck. Several set of drawings are available but the quality is usually poor. The new drawings from Nick Fox solve this problem. The drawings are available as paper copies in any scale you may nominate.

Nick Fox have kindly allowed his drawings to be shown on this website. Although the small images below can't show how good and highly detailed these drawings are then I hope that the viewers will enjoy it afterall.

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If you're interested in buying these drawings then you can push the banner below to get to the website where all necessary informations are available as well as how to purchase these drawings.
Click on the drawing to see enlarged version
Click on the drawing to see enlarged version
Bismarck Details
Click on the drawing to see enlarged version
Click on the drawing to see enlarged version
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3D Illustrations
Illustrator: © Nick Fox

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