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Sir James Somerville
Nationality British
Rank Admiral
Born 1882
Died 1949
July 1940 Mediterranean, Operation "Catapult" Naval battle at Punta Stilo, Calabria (including Force H, with HMS Hood etc.)
November 1940 Mediterranean, Operation "White" (Force H) Operation "Collar" (naval battle at cap teulada, Sardinia)
January 1941 Mediterranean, Operation "Excess" (reinforcing Malta)
Jan. - Feb. 1941 Mediterranean, operation against Sardinia and Henoa
May 1941 Action against Bismarck Gibraltar Squadron, Force H with the flagship Renown, aircraft carrier Ark Royal and cruiser Sheffield
May 1941 Mediterranean, Operation "Splice"
September 1941 Mediterranean, Operation "Halberd" (supplying Malta)
Oct. - Nov. 1941 Force H operation Carrier Ark Royal (U-331/Tiesenhausen)
April 1942 Indian Ocean Japanese Ceylon operation Action of the British Eastern Fleet
Jan. - Feb. 1944 The British Eastern Fleet is strengthened
March - April 1944 Operation "Cocos Islands", Trincolamee, Ceylon
April 1944 Operation "Cockpit"
May 1944 Operation "Transom"
July 1944 Operation "Grimson"
8 Aug. 1944 Change in the leadership of the British Eastern Fleet Admiral Fraser replaces Admiral Somerville

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