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Sir William Frederic Wake-Walker
Nationality British
Rank Admiral (Third Sea Lord, Controller of the Navy)
Born 24 March 1888
Died 24 September 1945
1904 Naval Cadet
June 1920 Commander
Until 1925 Royal Navy Staff College, Greenwich, Operations and Tactical Divisions of the Admiralty Naval Staff
31 Dec. 1927 Captain
1928 - 1930 Commander of Castor
Until 1932 Admiralty, Deputy Director of the Training and Staff Duties Divisions of the Naval Staff
1932 - 1935 Captain of Dragon
1935 - 1937 Admiralty, Torpedo and Mine Section
1938 Captain of Revenge
10 Jan. 1939 Rear Admiral
1939 Flag Officer rank
May - June 1940 Channel Dunkerque operation "Dynamo" loss of the flagship-flotilla leader Keith
1940 - 1941 Cruiser Squadron Chief
May 1941 Action against Bismarck (flagship Norfolk)
Aug. - Sept. 1941 Polar Sea service among others, securing of the first experimental escort convoy "Dervish"
1942 Vice-Admiral
1942 - 1945 Controller of the Navy
1945 Admiral Commands include Good Hope, Invincible, Cochrane, Ramillies, Royal Oak

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