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Part 1 - Stem & Forecastle
The stem of Bismarck seen from the port side.
Another view of the stem of Bismarck.
The stem of Bismarck. Notice all the sediment on the starboard side that show that the wreck have slided sideways before it came to a stop.
A detailed view of the stem of Bismarck. The anchor is missing, but Bismarck didn't carry this anchor on Operation "Rheinübung".
Starboard side bow of the Bismarck. The false wave can be seen on the side of the hull. The hole that can be seen in the hull and false wave is where the shell from Prince of Wales went out after having entered the hull from the port side. The shell went right thought the ship. Some sediment can be seen on the main deck.
Port - and starboard and side anchor cluse's on Bismarck. Both anchors are gone.
A view of Bismarck's forecastle. In the background, behind the two capstans, the barbette "A" for the "A" turret can be seen. In the upper right corner the Mir 2 submersible (with the webmaster inside) can be seen.
A close up view of the "B" barbette that hosted the "B" main turret.. When Bismarck sunk all four main turrets fell off the ship while it was upside down during the sinking process. Photo taken towards the aft of the ship.
Looking down the inside of the "B" barbette. Photo taken from port side.
Another port side view at barbette "B". Notice the damage in the "Aufbaudeck" to the right of the barbette, caused by penetration of a shell.
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