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Part 4 - Catapult & Center Area
Catapult & Center Area (Port Side)
A view into one of the hangars for the Arado Ar196A-3 aircraft. This is hangar 2 located on the port side next to the funnel.
The catapult area seen from the port side. Some of the massive destruction in this area can easily be seen
Another view of the port side catapult area and massive destruction. This damage might have been caused by a torpedo hit that Bismarck took after it started to capsize and the port side of the ship was under water.
The huge damage in the port side catapult area seen from another perspective.
Catapult & Center Area (Starboard Side)
The serrated circular base for the starboard crane.
A good view of the fairly intact starboard side of the catapult.
A close up view of the starboard side of the catapult.
The catapult from the starboard side. To the left of the photo one of the 10,5 cm heavy anti-aircraft guns can be seen and to the right is the base for the big starboard crane.
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