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Part 5 - Aft & Rudder Area
Superstructure and barbette "C" seen from the port side.
A view from aft of the ship showing the barbette "C". In the foreground the 10,5 cm loading practice gun can be seen.
The barbette "D" seen from port side. Notice the heavy damage in the main deck caused by a shell penetration.
A view from starboard side of barbette "D". The ROV "Elwood" can be seen in the upper right corner.
The Swastika painted on the aft main deck is still visible. A part of the Swastika is missing due to the collapse of the stern.
A view of where the stern collapsed on Bismarck. Remains of the deck from the missing stern section are still attached to the wreck. They bend downwards and indicates that the stern collapsed while Bismarck turned upside down during the sinking process.
Rudder Area
The remains of the starboard side rudder bend towards port. About 2/3 of the rudder is missing, most likely caused from when Bismarck hit and slided down the underwater mountain when it sunk. Below it, the center propeller can be seen.
Another view of the starboard rudder. Notice the damage on the propeller blade. It has still not been settled was caused this damage. There are several theories.
A view of the starboard side propeller.
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