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Due to a dramatic increase in the number of emails to me then I can no longer offer personal support. If you need informations or have any questions then use my discussion forum and ask for help here.

I also have to ask you to search my website to find the answer yourself and do as much research as possible yourself.

If you can't find the answer to your question on my website then it might be added later if it is available.

Using the Discussion Forum
This website has a discussion forum. I request that you use it as much as possible with any questions about the ships. Also I encourage you to respond to and answer other peoples questions if you can. The discussion forum is made for the visitors to help them to get in contact with eachother and to discuss the ships so please use it and help to make it a good place for all the visitors.
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For comments, questions, proposals or wishes and if you can help with something - then email me at:
I´ll try to answer any mail as soon as possible, but it can take some days until you get a reply

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