German Naval Camouflage

1939 - 1945

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Introduction by John Asmussen and Eric Leon
We welcome you to these pages. If you have bought our book about German Naval Camouflage you already know that these pages are dedicated corrections, new information and addenda to our book. If you still haven't bought our book you can read more about it here: German Naval Camouflage Vol. One 1939 - 1941. The book and these pages gives you the best and most updated knowledge about German Naval Camouflage available.

If you have any new information or material that can help, we would be most happy to hear from you.

Everybody that helps us with the book projects, or on these pages, will of course be properly credited, unless they like to stay anonymous.
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Volume One - Corrections and New Information
Page 55:
The caption on page 55 refer to: "...the standard Baltic stripes and air recognition markings...". It can give the impression that this Baltic camouflage was 100% identical when it was used on different ships. This was not the case. The pattern was similar, but not identical.
Page 66-67:
On page 66 the top side view of the Scharnhorst refer to the photo on page 67, a port side view of the Scharnhorst. The drawing is showing the port side, but was reversed to show similarities with the bottom side view of the starboard side as well as the drawings on the following pages. Unfortunately this is not explained in the caption. Also, the caption states that: "All evidence points to both sides being identical". New evidences documents that this is not correct.
Admiral Hipper
Prinz Eugen
Page 134:
The caption states "Prinz Eugen's foredeck before she left Gotenhafen for Denmark". This refer to Operation Rheinübung. Although she did go through Danish waters her destination was of course the North Atlantic.
Page 136:
The photo on this page shows the Prinz Eugen in Norway in the morning of 21 May 1941 during Operation Rheinübung.
Page 138:
The headline say: "Prinz Eugen, 22 May 1940". This is a mistypo as it should read: "Prinz Eugen, 22 May 1941".
Light Cruisers
Seaplane colours and markings
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Arado colours and markings
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Volume One - Addendum
Torpedo boats

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