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IJN Soryu - Bill Waldorf
Model Data
Model build by Bill Waldorf, Lowell, Michigan, USA
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build
Scale 1:144
Model on display Bill Waldorf's model of Soryu can be seen at Patriots Point Museum in Mt. Pleasant S.C.  The museum is home to the USS Yorktown along with a few others. The Museum is located inside the Yorktown.

IJN Soryu - Bill Waldorf
Part 1 - Hull Construction

Part 2 - Hull and Superstructure Detailing

Part 3 - Bow and Stern Deck Detailing
Part 4 - Starboard side Superstructure Detailing
Part 5 - Port side Superstructure Detailing
Part 6 - Flight Deck Detailing
Part 7 - Bridge Assy. and final construction
Part 8 - Aircraft Construction
Part 9 - Final touches - Coming soon
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