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Admiral Graf Spee - Markus Titsch
Model Data
Model build by Fritz Brandt, Germany (crew member of the Admiral Graf Spee). Fritz Brandt died 20. July 1996.
Model owned by Markus Titsch, Wilhelmshaven, Germany
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build
Scale 1:150
Additional Information Material used: Only wood, copper/brass and paper. No plastic material is used.
All guns are turnable (also the 2 cm guns).
Turnable rangefinders.
Turnable cranes.
Turnable searchlights which are made by wood and glas.
Turnable catapult.
Aircraft, Arado 196-A, is removeable.
The propeller of the Arado aircraft is turnable.
Windows for the small boats are made of glass.
Real flag material was used to make the small flags.
Construction time 1950-1952

Admiral Graf Spee - Markus Titsch
The Model
Photographs: © Markus Titsch