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Bismarck - Blohm & Voss - Part One
Model Data
Model build by Blohm & Voss
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build
Scale 1:50
Additional Information The model of the Bismarck was built at the same time as the real ship but wasn't completed at the end of WWII. Workers at Blohm & Voss hide their models of Admiral Hipper and Bismarck to avoid that it was found by the British. When the British came to the Blohm & Voss to search the shipyard and take with them anything of value they found the model of Admiral Hipper. The model of Bismarck was the only thing they didn't found. The model of Admiral Hipper is today at the National Maritime Museum in London. The model of Bismarck was completed after the war and is still at the Blohm & Voss in Hamburg. The model show how the Bismarck was planned to look like and some of the modifications to the real ship is not to be seen on the model.

Bismarck - Blohm & Voss - Part One
The Model
Photographs: © John Asmussen & Peter Behmüller