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Prinz Eugen - Wolfgang Münder
Model Data
Model build by Harald Münder (in ca. 1950) and today restored and owned by his son, Wolfgang Münder, Germany
Kit Manufacturer Originally made based on Loews drawings and the restoration of the model is based on copies of original drawings from the ship yard.
Scale 1:200
Additional Information Harald Münder served on Prinz Eugen.
Construction time Model originally build in ca. 1950 and have recently been restored by his son, Wolfgang.
SMC "Albatros" Ellerau e.V.
Website of the modeller SMC "Albatros" Ellerau e.V.
Description A very good and interesting website with lots of ship modells and other information. German languaged.

Prinz Eugen - Wolfgang Münder
The Model
Photographs: © Peter Behmüller