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Tirpitz - Tim Noack
Model Data
Model build by Tim Noack, Neumünster, Germany
Kit Manufacturer Scratch build (95 %). A few parts taken from a kit and modified.
Scale 1:200
Additional Information All 38 cm turrets can rotate (in pairs of two)
Light: In searchlights on each side and positionning lights
Sound: Fog horn
Propulsion: 3 electromotors fed by two 6 V/4 lead batteries. (running time: 1,5 hours , max.speed about 4 km/h)
Deplacement: 6,2 kg
All parts taken from a kit have been completely modified to improve realism (10,5 cm flak, lifeboats, Arado 196 hydroplane)
Propellers are industrial plastic parts painted bronze
The hull is made of 1,5 mm balsa wood with a glass fibre coating, all bulkheads are of 4 mm plywood.
Bow and aft parts are shaped out of massive balsa blocks
Superstructure and 38 cm turrets are of 0,5 - 1 mm polystyrole.
Painting scheme: summer 1943.
Construction time 3 Years

Tirpitz - Tim Noack
The Model
Photographs: © Tim Noack