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Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG)

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Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG)
Location of Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) Microphones on Bismarck & Tirpitz
Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) Microphones - Close Up Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) - Information
The Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) is a Sound Locator System.
Manufacturer of the Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG)
Atlas-Werke, Bremen, Germany
Type of the Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG)
AN 301m
Number of Microphones installed
2 x 62 crystal microphones (port - and starboard bow)
Purpose of the Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG)
The purpose of the Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) was to detect noise from submarines, surface ships and torpedoes. With the Gruppenhorchgerät (GHG) it was possible to detect a vessel's engine type, propeller speed and course of vessel or torpedo.

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