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The Day of Commissioning (25 February 1941)
Wilhelmshaven, 25 February 1941: the battleship Tirpitz is commissioned. Her commander, KptzS Topp, greets a delegation of the yard workers involved in the ship's construction, and offers them his thanks. The commander goes aboard and the Executive Officer, FKpt Düwel, reports the ship's company on parade.
The guard of honour presents arms while drummer and bugler stand by. The ship's officer corps.
A view of the forecastle, port side, with the ship's company assembled in divisions. A 2cm flak gun can be made out in front of the breakwater. A view over the quaterdeck. The ship's company is paraded for the flag-hoisting ceremony.
"Hoist ensign and pennant!": the commissioning. The commander salutes the battle ensign; the guard of honour presents arms; the strains of the national anthem break out; and the ship is taken into commission.

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