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The Construction
2 November 1936, the birthday of the battleship (Schlachtschiff) "G", later named Tirpitz. The first part of the keel was laid at slipway 2 at the Kriegsmarine Werft in Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
The hull of the new battleship is still under construction. Note the many tranverse frames and the bulkheads which have allready been fitted. On the right and left the stagings can be seen. Looking down the stern of battleship "G" towards the launching basin. The raised barbette of turret C (Caesar) and the side barbettes for the 15cm turrets are easily recognisable.
A starboard view of the ship under construction. The armour deck has been completed, and the cylindrical supports of the barbettes for the 15cm turrets and of 38cm turret A (Anton) have also been installed. Slipway 2: already the staging of the hull has risen up like a wall.

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