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The Fitting-out
About august 1939: At the equipping pier is the stern of the Tirpitz, to its right the battleship Scharnhorst, which is being rebuild there.
Tirpitz during the fitting-out period, in 1940. The two 15cm turrets Stb II and Stb III can be seen, the latter still missing its rangefinder. The starboard hangar on its right is still under construction and on the after deck many covered openings can be seen, including the barbettes for the turrets "C" (Caesar) and "D" (Dora). Premanufactured barrings for the ship's boats have been fitted to the side of the hangar. Taken in the winter of 1940-41, this photograph shows Tirpitz on the southern quay of the Kriegsmarine Werft during the working-up period. The funnel and bridge tower have been completed although some of the platforms are still under construction. The searchlights have already been fitted to the funnel platform, and to the right of the bridge tower, the fore AA-artillery director control tower can be seen. The boats are already on board. The turrets of her main and secondary armament are complete and the twin mountings of the 10.5cm AA guns have been fitted.
Kriegsmarine Werft Wilhelmshaven: in the lower part of this photograph, taken on 30 August 1940, the square body of water is the construction basin. Tirpitz is made fast at the south quay and the heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper at the east quay. In the right upper corner is the building site of the new IV harbour entrance with its two chambers and, at an angle to the left, the construction site of the planned northern yard with a good view of the large dry docks VII, VIII and IX. This was the view across the harbour canal on 2 February 1940: behind the pedestrian swing-bridge for the dockyard personnel is the bulk of Tirpitz, with bridge foundations fitted and cylindrical tower mast mounted. Alongside her is the "Langer Heinrich" floating crane, while building cranes can be seen on the pier.
Tirpitz in the 40,000-tonne floating dock at the Kriegsmarine Werft in Wilhelmshaven.
Tirpitz during her fitting-out period, moored at the eastern quay of the construction harbour. Note the camouflage pattern which resembles wooden shacks with windows.
Before being commisioned, Tirpitz went back into dock for final coat of paint and the removal of hull accretions and fouling which had accumulated during the long period in the brackish water of the fitting-out basin. The ship's company was now mustered aboard. On its way the Tirpitz passes the Kaiser Wilhelm Bridge (right picture), Wilhelmshaven's most famous landmark.
Tirpitz shortly before being commissioned. The optical equipment is not yet complete.

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