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The Launch (1 April 1939)
The massive hull slips slowly into the water affording a good view of the front anchor and large brake shields.
Dressed overall from stem to stern, with the line of pennants supported by two temporary pole masts forward and aft, Tirpitz leaves the stocks.
As soon as the ship has become waterborne, her progress is impeeded by tugs arranged to bring the vessel gradually to standstill before she is manouvred to an anchorage. The tugs have brought the enormous hull under control and slowly begin the turning manouevre.
The launching is completed, the hull brought to a stop. Now it will be taken in tow by tugs and moved to the equipping pier. Clearly visible on the slip are the four sliding ways required for her huge beam. The fitting-out basin. Its size can be estimated by reference to Tirpitz's hull.

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