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Operation Sportpalast (5 - 9 March 1942)
The Russian steamer Ishora is under fire from the German destroyer Hermann Schoemann in the afternoon of 7 March 1942. The photo is taken from the German destroyer Z 25 by V. Gernhard. The Russian steamer Ishora sinking caused by gunfire from the German destroyers Friedrich Ihn, Hermann Schoemann and Z 25. The photo is taken by V. Gernhard from Z 25. The Tirpitz met the destroyers 30 minutes later and therefore the crew of the Tirpitz never saw Ishora which is claimed in some sources.
9 March 1942 at 0917: 4 Fairey Albacores of 832 Squadron, from the British aircraft carrier HMS Victorious, emerges from the cloud abeam of Tirpitz (in foreground) and the destroyer Friedrich Ihn (in the background) and begins to dive to an immediate attack. 9 March 1942 at 0922: The turn to avoid the first torpedo attack is observed by the aircraft of the first sub-flight of 817 Squadron and the second sub-flight of 832, which deliver a better co-ordinated attack some four minutes later.
9 March 1942: This photograph apparently shows Tirpitz at high speed with her rudder hard over to avoid torpedoes dropped by aircrafts. This is most likely not the case. The wake does not correspond to the known track of the ship during the action, the main armament turrets are trained fore and aft and the AA director abaft the mainmast is also trained fore and aft. The streaks purporting to be torpedo tracks to the right and left of the mast appear to have been touched in to dramatize the incident. 9 March 1942: Tirpitz under attack by the last two sub-flights, with splashes from 105mm, 37mm and 20mm projectiles hitting the water well short of the target.
9 March 1942: Another photograph from the attack by the last two sub-flights, and again with splashes from 105mm, 37mm and 20mm projectiles hitting the water well short of the target. 9 March 1942: This photograph shows a direct hit on one of the attacking aircrafts from the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious.
9 March 1942: Tirpitz on her way to Bogen after the abandonment of Operation "Sportpalast" and after an air attack by Albacore torpedo aircraft from the aircraft carrier Victorious.

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