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Operation Tungsten (3 April 1944)
The unsuspecting Tirpitz at anchor behind her nets in Kåfjord. 0530 on 3 April 1944. Tirpitz has weighed anchor and is about to proceed to sea. Smoke has just been released from the canisters ashore, but too late to conceal her.
The attack of 3 April 1944 sounded the death knell for Tirpitz. These British aerial photographs shows the ship lying in Kåfjord amid a hail of bombs, her attempted smokescreen not yet having been fully deployed.
A photograph taken on 15 April 1944 showing the damage caused on 3 April. Burnt-out rooms and a splinter-riddled superstructure are evident. A photograph showing the severity of the damage.
One of the 10.5cm flak guns knocked out by blast. Looking down on the port superstructure deck: At top right is the damaged twin 10.5cm flak gun, at bottom right the damaged crane. The deck is strewn with wreckage.
A view over the port quarter, where the funnel mantle and upperworks have obvious fire damage. The flak guns are all unserviceable. A burnt-out aircraft in the ruins of its hangar.
Heavy damage to the port-side superstructure forward at bridge deck level. Damaged bulkheads on the superstructure deck.
The burial service for the crew members killed during the attack of 3 April 1944. Losses were particularly heavy amongst the flak gunners.

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