Bogen, near Narvik, Norway

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Then & Now
Bogen 1942
Tirpitz at her anchorage in Bogen in 1942.
Bogen 2004
Bogen 1942
Admiral Hipper (left) and Tirpitz (right) anchored in Bogen in 1942.
Bogen 2004
Bogen 1942
Admiral Scheer seen from Tirpitz. The island in the background is called "Skogöy" which means "Forrest Island".
Bogen 2004
The island Skogöy (Forrest Island) in Bogen.
Bogen 1942
Bogen 2004
The part of Bogen where Tirpitz was anchored.
Another part of Bogen, both Admiral Hipper and Lützow was anchored here.
The city of Bogen.
A view from Bogen towards Ofotfjord and the entrance to Bogen.
Buoy used by the Germans for the torpedo nets protecting the German warships in Bogen. This buoy was located close to Tirpitz's anchorage.

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