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In Disquise
Attempts were made to change the profile of Admiral Graf Spee to deceive enemy vessels. A dummy turret was made just behind main turret A as seen on this photo. The fake funnel was at this point not installed yet.
Admiral Graf Spee seen from the port side with the fake turret behind the genuine A turret. Notice the frame for the fake funnel that is under construction aft of the catapult and aircraft.
On this photo the disquise is completed. Fake extra turret behind the A turret and the fake funnel can be seen aft of the aircraft. Material used to make these devices were usually wood, canvas and paint.
Midship view of Admiral Graf Spee with the fake funnel aft of the aircraft and catapult.
To deceive prisoners coming aboard, a nameplate announced that Admiral Graf Spee was Deutschland. Notice the quotation marks on the nameplate which makes it look suspicious.

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