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The Launch
Gräfin Huberta von Spee, daughter of the late Vice-Admiral Maximilian Graf von Spee, arrives to Marinewerft Wilhelmshaven to baptism the new Panzerschiff "C" at the launch on 30. June 1934.
The act of christening performed by Gräfin Huberta von Spee, shattering the obligatory bottle of champagne against the hull. Afterwards the crest for the ship and the name plate was revealed.
A close-up of the port side bow with the crest and name plate after the completion of the launching ceremony.
After the christening and the revealing of the crest and name plate, the hull was ready to be launched.
The hull of Admiral Graf Spee shortly before the launch.
The hull starts to slide into the water from slipway 1 at the German Navy's own shipyard in Wilhelmshaven.
The hull of Admiral Graf Spee has now been launched. The photo gives a good view of the shipyard in Wilhelmshaven.

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