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The Scuttling
Admiral Graf Spee had to leave Uruguayan waters not later than 20:00 (local time) Sunday 17. December 1939 to avoid internment. At 18:30 Admiral Graf Spee left the harbour of Montevideo. About 7-8 kilometers (5 miles) outside the harbour, in international waters, the ship was scuttled in position 34°58,300S, 56°17,950W.
At 19:54 local time 6 torpedo warheads and demolition charges, placed in the main turrets and four engine rooms, went off in a huge explosion.
Additionally explosions broke the ship in half. Admiral Graf Spee was officially out of service at 20:00 Sunday 17. December 1939.
The burning wreck of Admiral Graf Spee, partly covered in smoke from the raging fire.
Air photo of the burning Admiral Graf Spee.
Port side view of the still burning wreck. Admiral Graf Spee burned in 3 full days. The point where the hull broke in two can be seen in front of the B turret (to the right).
Another port side view of the burning Admiral Graf Spee. She was scuttled at about 7 meters (23 feet) of water.

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