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Spithead Naval Review
As the most modern German heavy ship, Admiral Graf Spee was selected to represent Germany in the international celebrations, at Spithead, England, to mark the Coronation of King George VI. The entire tour lasted from 15. to 22. May 1937.
Air photo showing Admiral Graf Spee in the foreground. The other two heavy units on the photo are the battlecruiser H.M.S. Hood (upper left) and the battleship H.M.S. Resolution (dark vessel).
Admiral Graf Spee seen from the starboard side.
Admiral Graf Spee seen from the port side.
The crew on parade on Admiral Graf Spee.
During the Spithead Naval Review Admiral Graf Spee used a much bigger naval ensign than usual. Here a portrait of the ship seen from aft with a good view of the two torpedo batteries and main turret B.
A view aft of Admiral Graf Spee. The barrels from the B turret can be seen at the top of the photo. Notice the two 2 cm light anti-aircraft gun mountings and the big naval ensign. The ship to the left is the British battleship H.M.S. Resolution.

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