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The Salvaged Stern Eagle of Admiral Graf Spee
Around noon, local time, 10. February 2006, the stern eagle (Heckadler) was salvaged from the wreck of Admiral Graf Spee off Montevideo, Uruguay.

The emblem is made in Bronze, it is about 2 meter high, it meassures about 2,8 meter from wingtip to wingtip and weights about 500 kg.

The stern eagle was salvaged by a team lead by Hector Bado and they had to cut off 145 screws to remove it from the wreck of Admiral Graf Spee.

Below you can see the stern eagle mounted on Admiral Graf Spee in Montevideo just prior to its scuttling. Afterwards you can see photos taken in February 2006 of the salvaged stern eagle while at display at Palladium Hotel in Montevideo, Uruguay.

A big thank you to my friends, Gonzalo Viera Azpiroz, Alvaro Brasesco and Eduardo Cicala for their contribution of the photos.

What will happen to the stern eagle is still unclear, medio 2006.

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