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Z18 - Hans Lüdemann
Photo courtesy David Walker, Scotland
General Details
Type 1936
Pennant number 53
Builder DeSchiMAG, Bremen, Germany
Builder's number 920
Contract placed 6 January 1936
Laid down 9 September 1936
Launched 1 December 1937
Commissioned 8 October 1938
Fate Scuttled in Rombaksfjord, Norway, 13 April 1940 during the second battle of Narvik.
Ship named after
Ingenieur Aspirant Hans Heinrich Adolf Lüdemann. Served on torpedo boat S 148. Severely burned and injured acted to prevent a high-pressure steam cylinder from exploding and thus saving the lives of many of his shipmates 14 May 1913.
Displacement, standard 2.411 t
Displacement, full load 3.415 t
Dimensions and Construction Details
Lenght (waterline) 120 m
Lenght (total) 123 m
Beam 11,8 m
Draft 4,23 m
Boilers Six Wagner 70 Kg/cm²
Turbines Two Wagner geared
Turbo generators Two of 200 kW each
Diesel generators One of 40 kW and two of 80 kW each
Shafts 2
Total performance 74.482 shp
Speed 40,45 knots
Range 2.050 nm at 19 knots
12,7 cm L/45 C/34 5 in single mountings
3,7 cm L/83 C/30 4 in twin mountings
2 cm MG L/65 C/30 6 in single mountings
53,3 cm Torpedo tubes 8 in two quadruple banks
Mines 60
Depth Charge launcher 4
Commanding Officers
08.10.1938 - 13.04.1940 Korvettenkapitän Herbert Friedrichs
Complement 323 officers and men

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