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Z21 - Wilhelm Heidkamp
Photo courtesy David Walker, Scotland
General Details
Type 1936
Pennant number 43
Builder DeSchiMAG, Bremen, Germany
Builder's number 923
Contract placed 6 January 1936
Laid down 15 December 1937
Launched 20 August 1938
Commissioned 20 June 1939
Fate Torpedoed by HMS Hardy whilst at anchor in Narvik harbour 10 April 1940. Z21 broke in two and the forward half sank 11 April 1940.
Ship named after
Obermaschinist Wilhelm Heidkamp. Served on board SMS Seydlitz. He was injured when he opened the red-hot flooding valves of the ammunition magazine and thus prevented his ship from exploding 24 January 1915. He survived the war but later died of his injuries.
Displacement, standard 2.411 t
Displacement, full load 3.415 t
Dimensions and Construction Details
Lenght (waterline) 120 m
Lenght (total) 125 m
Beam 11,8 m
Draft 4,23 m
Boilers Six Wagner 70 Kg/cm²
Turbines Two Wagner geared
Turbo generators Two of 200 kW each
Diesel generators One of 40 kW and two of 80 kW each
Shafts 2
Total performance 74.482 shp
Speed 40,45 knots
Range 2.050 nm at 19 knots
12,7 cm L/45 C/34 5 in single mountings
3,7 cm L/83 C/30 4 in twin mountings
2 cm MG L/65 C/30 6 in single mountings
53,3 cm Torpedo tubes 8 in two quadruple banks
Mines 60
Depth Charge launcher 4
Commanding Officers
20.06.1939 - 11.04.1940 Korvettenkapitän Hans Erdmenger
Complement 323 officers and men

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