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Glossary and Abbreviations
AA Anti-aircraft
A&AEE Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, Boscombe Down
A/B Able-bodied seaman
A/C Aircraft
ACAS (Ops) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Operations)
ACAS (P) Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Policy)
Adm Admiralty
Air Cdre Air Commodore
Amatol Explosive
AOC Air Officer Commanding
AOC-in-C Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief
AP Armour Piercing (bomb) or Aiming Point
API Air Position Indicator
A/S Anti-Submarine
A/T Anti-Torpedo
BC Bomber Command
BC Bomber Command Film Unit
Brawn Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz
BST British Summer Time (GMT+1)
CAP Combat Air Patrol
Capt Captain, Kapitän zur See, Hauptmann
CAS Chief of the Air Staff
Catechism Codename for RAF operation against Tirpitz
Cdr Commander, Fregattenkapitän
CIU Central Interpretation Unit
CO Commanding Officer
CRD Controller of Research and Development, Ministry of Aircraft Production
CS Capital Ship (bomb)
DB Ops Director Bombing Operations, Air Ministry
DBST Double British Summer Time (GMT+2); BDST sometimes
DCAS Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
DFC Deputy Chief of the Air Staff
DNC Director or Directorate of Naval Construction
DR Dead Reckoning
DSO Distinguished Service Cross
DSO Distinguished Service Order
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FAA Fleet Air Arm
Fg Off Flying Officer
Flt Lt Flight Lieutenant
F/Sgt Flight Sergeant
GAF German Air Force
Gee Navigational aid
Glycol Coolant liquid
GMT Greenwich Mean Time
Goodwood Codename for four FAA operations against Tirpitz
GP General Purpose (bomb)
Gp Capt Group Captain
GST German Summer Time
HC High Capacity (bomb)
HE High Explosive
H/F High Frequency or Heavy Flak
Highball Codename for "bouncing bomb"
HQ Headquater
IAS Indicated Air Speed
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
JPS Joint Planning Staff (before 1941, Joint Planning Sub-committee of the Chiefs of Staff Commitee)
JSM Joint Services Mission
JW Johnny Walker (mine)
Km Kilometre
Knot Sea mile
LT Local Time
Lt Lieutenant, Kapitän-leutnant, Oberleutnant
Lt Cdr Lieutenant-commander, Korvetten-kapitän
Maj Major
MAP Ministry of Aircraft Production
Mascot Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz
MC Medium Capacity (bomb)
Met Meteorological
Midshipman Faehnrich
MO Medical Officer
Mph Miles per hour
MPI Mean Point of Impact
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NID Naval Intelligence Division
Obviate Codename for RAF operation against Tirpitz
OC Officer Commanding
Oiled Codename for RAF operation against Tirpitz
Op Operation
ORB Operations Record Book
Paravane Codename for RAF operation against Tirpitz
Planet Codename for RAF operation against Tirpitz
Plt Off Pilot Officer
PR Photographic Reconnaissance
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
QFE Q code: barometric pressure at destination
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAF Royal Air Force
RAS Rectified Air Speed
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RDF Radio Direction Finding (radar)
RDX Research Department Explosive
Rev(s) Revolution(s)
RM Royal Marines
RN Royal Navy
RNZAF Royal New Zealand Air Force
RNZN Royal New Zealand Navy
RNZNVR Royal New Zealand Navy Volunteer Reserve
Rpm Revolution per minute
R/T Radio-telephony
SABS Stabilised Automatic Bomb Sight
SAP Semi-Armour Piercing (bomb)
SASO Senior Air Staff Officer
SBNO Senior British Naval Officer
Seaman Matrose
Servant Codename for Highball operation against Tirpitz
Sgt Sergeant
SIS Secret Intelligence Service (Norway)
SOE Special Operations Executive
Source Codename for RN X-craft/midget submarine attack on Tirpitz
Sqn Ldr Squadron Leader
Sub Lt Sub-lieutenant, Leutnant zur See
TAG Telegraphist Air Gunner
TBR Torpedo Bomber
Tiger Claw Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz
Thrustfu Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz, changed to Tungsten
Title Codename for RN "Chariot" operation against Tirpitz
Torpex Underwater explosive (Torpedo explosive)
TOT Time over Target
Tungsten Codename for FAA operation against Tirpitz
TV Terminal Velocity
U/S United States Army Air Force(s)
USAAF United States Army Air Force(s)
USN United States Navy
USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
VA2 HF Vice-Admiral, Second-in-Command Home Fleet
VC Victoria Cross
VCNS Vice-Chief of the Naval Staff
VHF Very High Frequency
WA Western Air (plans)
Wg Cdr Wing Commander
WO War Office or Warrant Officer
W/Op Wireless Operator
W/T Wireless Telegraphy

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