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EOW 33 - Niemieckie Krazowniki Typu Admiral Hipper cz. 1 by Tom Kristiansen
Encyklopedia Okrętów Wojennych
Encyclopedia of Warships
(former Naval Monographs)
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Niemieckie Krazowniki typu Admiral Hipper cz. 1
EOW33 - Admiral Hipper – part 1
Andrej Perepeczko
AJ-Press, Poland
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£12.50 GBP (WEM) / 17.00 Euro (AJ-Press)
Niemieckie Krazowniki Typu Admiral Hipper cz. 1 - Book Review
EOW33 - Admiral Hipper - part 1 is the first of three books of the Admiral Hipper Class cruisers of the Kriegsmarine. The book is wrapped in plastic and comes with two folded 2-sided sheets. The first one is a sheet with 19 beautiful computer generated 3D-renderings, and the second sheet is 1/400-scale linedrawings showing primarily Admiral Hipper, but also Blücher, Prinz Eugen and Lützow are included for comparing hull details.

Book contents [A-H = Admiral Hipper, BU = Blücher ]

o 64 pages, Polish text

o 82 B/W pictures, with Polish/English captions

o 5 A-H color paintschemes, April & November 1939, April 1940, side & Top

o 1 BU color paintscheme, September 1939, side

o 33 drawings of hull, armour, weapon details with often several views/levels

o 25 tables of various statistics

I sadly don't read Polish so I am not really qualified to say anything of the text. But it seems to me that the book starts of with 9 pages of describing earlier german cruiserdesigns and different cruiserdesigns of other navies that influenced the design of the Admiral Hipper Class cruisers.

Then 11 pages about the contruction of the hulls of this class, followed by 21 pages with the technical aspects of pure ship-functions such as the hull, armour, machinery and cranes for Admiral Hipper. The last 17 pages is about the technical aspects of armament, radar and fire direction. All 64 pages are richly illustrated with pictures, plans and drawings so even if you don't read polish you will probably spend many hours with this book.

Sheet I/II: 1/400 line-drawings by Witold Koszela, 2-sided sheet 82 cm x 57 cm

o A-H after commision April 1939, Side & Top

o A-H with new bow November 1939, Side & Top

o BU after commision September 1939, Side & Top

o A-H at Brest March 1941, Side & Top

o K and L cruisers design-drawings, Side & Top

o Bodylines of A-H with vertical bow

o Bodylines of A-H with new bow

o Bodylines of PE

o Hull of AH with vertical bow, Side

o Hull of AH with new bow, Side

Hull of Lützow February 1940, Side & Top

Sheet III/IV : 3D-drawings by Slawomir Janik, color, 2-sided sheet, 82 cm x 57 cm

19 magnificent color-renderings of the superstructure-parts of Admiral Hipper on a 2-sided sheet from different angles. One thing that is particularly helpful is that the boats, 105 mm-AA-guns and airplanes are ommited in order to see the superstructure details you never see on ordinary line-drawings. These renderings are well worth the book-price alone!


This book is highly recommended for those who are interested in the Admiral Hipper, even if you are from Mars and don't understand a single letter written in polish or english.

If you are thinking of scrath-building or kit-bashing Admiral Hipper from a Prinz Eugen-kit , this book is a must! And I am not saying it because this title is good - It really is a "must-have" title! The 3D-rendering-sheet is invaluable helpful because it shows the superstructure without the boats and other standard-details that otherwise hide the superstructure-details you really want to take a closer look on. Excellent!!

Tom Kristiansen

Niemieckie Krazowniki Typu Admiral Hipper cz. 1 - Scans from the Book
Above: The whole packace laid out on the floor. The book is slightly smaller than A4-format. Sheet 2 and 3 Above: The whole packace seen from the back. Sheet 1 and 4.
Above: A part of a drawing that shows the evolution of Admiral Hippers bow. Above: Paint schemes of Admiral Hipper and Blücher.
Above: The armament/firecontrol-section of the book has some very good illustrations and drawings as well as tables. Above: Drawings of the different Anti-Aircraft artillery, and photos showing some of the AA emplacements from angles that could be interesting for the modeller.
Above: A photo of the fitting out of Blücher at Deutsche Werke in Kiel 1938. The photo fills the whole page so that you can leave your magnifiyng-glass alone for a while. Above: An excellent drawing of Admiral Hippers aircraft and welbot-crane.
Above: A bad sample-scan of the linedrawing-sheet that follows with the book. The scanned image is resized and does unfortunately not show the detail. Above: This is the true star of the book package: the computergenerated 3d-renderings by Slawomir Janik. Well worth the money! When unfolded the sheet is 82 x 57 cm. The rendered funnel seen above is 15 cm high! Notice that AA and boats are ommited to show the superstructure-details.

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