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Pancerniki Typu Bismarck cz. 2 - Tirpitz by John Asmussen
Encyklopedia Okrętów Wojennych
Encyclopedia of Warships
Book Title
EOW 16 - Pancerniki Typu Bismarck cz. 2 - Tirpitz
E. T. Prusinowska, M. Skwiot
AJ-Press, Poland
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14.40 Euro (AJ-Press) / £12.50 GBP (White Ensign Models)
Pancerniki Typu Bismarck cz. 2 - Tirpitz - Book Review

EOW 16 - Pancerniki Typu Bismarck cz. 2 - Tirpitz is the second book in a series of five about the Bismarck Class battleships. The book is wrapped in plastic and comes with two folded 2-sided sheets. The book describes the period of Tirpitz's career from March 1942 to its sinking in November 1944.

Book contents:

o Format is A4 size

o 56 pages + cover.

o 98 B/W pictures, with Polish/English captions

o 4 maps

o 1 drawing (small version inside the book illustrating hits received by Tirpitz at Operation "Tungsten" attack)

o 2 colour charts (paint schemes) by Zbigniew Kolacha

o Extensive English summary

o 4 sheets of A1 size plans (by Miroslaw Skwiot and based on information from shipyard drawings)

Sheet I/II: 1:200 line-drawings by Miroslaw Skwiot, 2-sided sheet 58,5 cm x 83,0 cm

o Main Superstructure

o After Superstructure

Sheet III/IV: 1:200 line-drawings by Miroslaw Skwiot, 2-sided sheet 58,5 cm x 83,0 cm

o Rigging etc.

o General Arrangement of Superstructure

The text in the book is mainly written in Polish which I sadly don't understand. But the 8 last text pages in the book are written in English and is a quite comprehensive summary of the career of Tirpitz from March 1942 until it was sunk 12 November 1944.

The book is richly illustrated with many photos of high quality, drawings, maps and scans from Tirpitz logbook.

Two pages shows excellent camouflage schemes of Tirpitz. It should be recognised that AJ-Press was the first to seriously dealing with camouflage on German warships and the result is amazing. For Tirpitz the paint schemes are quite accurate. One thing I disagree with is especially the green colours that is used. But it wont change the fact that it is very, very well done indeed.

Not only will the buyer get a very good book, but he will also get some very well made drawings of Tirpitz. They are some of the best I know of ever made of Tirpitz. They also show illustrations you can't find anywhere else, unless you have access to the original drawings. These drawings are well worth the book-price alone.


I highly recommend this book for ship modellers and Bismarck and Tirpitz enthusiasts. It is an excellent and very useful book.

John Asmussen

Pancerniki Typu Bismarck cz. 2 - Tirpitz - Scans from the Book
One of the wonderful photos of Tirpitz in the book. Illustration of hits that Tirpitz substained during Operation "Tungsten".
Excellent photo showing the wreck of Tirpitz. In the foreground a crater made from a Tallboy bomb can be seen. Some of the excellent paint schemes in the book. Best shown so far in any book.
Sheet I: Drawings of details from the main superstructure on Tirpitz.
Sheet II: Drawings of details from the after superstructure on Tirpitz.
Sheet III: Drawings of the rigging on Tirpitz. Wonderful.
Sheet IV: Drawings of Tirpitz's general arrangement of the superstructure.

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