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Introduction by the Webmaster
Living in a country where it is more or less impossible to buy any naval books I'm bound to buy it all in other countries and I often have no idea what I buy. I know the title of the book but that's all. I only can hope it is a good book. Sadly I have bought several books over the years which I would never have purchased if I have had a chance to sneak peak in it but it is not possible when I buy it from places hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. A few times the books have been better than I had hoped for though.

The "Warship Pictorial" series is by far the most positive surprise I have had so far. I came across one of the books by a mere coincidence and I was totally astonished to see the high quality of the content. Even more surprising was the very low price. High quality and low price at the same time is rarely seen nowaddays.

For just $13 - $16 you are able to purchase an A4 size softback book of superb, value-for-money profiles. The books are full of photos, history, excellent fold-out plans, high quality B+W and colour photos. The books are nicely illustrated and well-researched. Many photos in the books have never been published before.

These books are a MUST for the naval enthusiast and ship modellers (in example the books explain about the colours and paint schemes of the ships).

You might think that this is just a commercial and that I write this because I have been asked to do it and that I earn money from it. This is not the case. Classic Warships Publishing and the author don't know I do this and I earn nothing from doing it.
I merely do it because without the sincere enthusiasm from the author it would not be possible to make these books and because I like to tell the visitors of this website about these excellent books.

If you purchase these books you not only get a lot of wonderful material but you also support new books in this series. Remember to check this page or the website of Classic Warships for news from time to time.

Below the list of books you can see where you can order these books.

Books by Classic Warship Publishing
Book # 1 Book # 2 Book # 3
USS Indianapolis CA-35 USS Minneapolis CA-36 USS Louisville CA-28
Out of Print Out of Print Out of Print
Book # 4 Book # 5 Book # 6
USS Texas BB-35 USS San Francisco CA-38 USS Omaha Class Cruisers
Still Available Out of Print Out of Print
Book # 7 Book # 8 Book # 9
USS New Orleans Class Cruisers USS Salem CA-139 USS Yorktown Class Carriers
Out of Print Out of Print Still Available
Book # 10 Book # 11 Book # 12
USS Portland Class Heavy Cruisers USS Lexington Class Carriers USS Benson/Gleaves Class Destr.
Still Available Out of Print Out of Print
Book # 13 Book # 14 Book # 15
IJN Kongo Class Battleships USS Wichita CA-45 Kriegsmarine Schnellboote
Out of Print Still Available Out of Print
Book # 16 Book # 17 Book # 18
USS New Jersey BB-62 IJN Myoko Class Cruisers USS New Mexico BB-40
Out of Print Out of Print Still Available
Book # 19 Book # 20 Book # 21
Kriegsmarine Bismarck H.M.S. Hood Kriegsmarine Prinz Eugen
Still Available Still Available Out of Print
Book # 22 Book # 23 Book # 24
USS Ticonderoga CV/CVA/CVS 14 Italian Heavy Cruisers of WWII USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51
Still Available Still Available Still Available
Book # 25 Book # 26 Book # 27
IJN Yamato Class Battleships Kriegsmarine Tirpitz Kriegsmarine Type VII U-Boats
Out of Print Still Available Still Available
Book # 28 Book # 29
Gato Type Fleet Submarines North Carolina Class Battleships
Still Available Release Date: April 2007
Click on the book cover or book titles to read the book reviews (only works for books with underlined book titles).

Classic Warships Book Review by John Asmussen
WP # 19 Kriegsmarine Bismarck Book Review
WP # 20 H.M.S. Hood Book Review
WP # 22 USS Ticonderoga CV/CVA/CVS 14 Book Review
WP # 23 Italian Heavy Cruisers of WWII Book Review
WP # 25 IJN Yamato Class Battleships Book Review
WP # 27 Kriegsmarine Type VII U-Boats Book Review

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Book Purchases
Below you can see from where you can obtain copies of the books from Classic Warships.

Dealers of Classic Warships Books
Pacific Front Hobbies
P. O. Box 2098, Roseburg
OR 97470-2098 
Ph. (541) 464-8579 Fx (541)957-5477
Web Site: www.pacificfront.com
The Floating Drydock
P.O. Box 250
PA 18333
Web Site: www.floatingdrydock.com
Colpar Hobbies
804 South Havana Street
Aurora, Colorado 80012
Ph. (303) 341-0414
Web Site: www.colpar.com
Articles of War
3 Rodeo Rd.
Silver City
NM 88061-8710
Ph. (505) 534-8840 Fx (505) 534-8842
Web Site: www.articlesofwar.com
Scholar's Bookshelf
110 Melrich Rd.
NJ 08512 USA
Ph. (800) 817-9993 Fx (609) 395-0755
Web Site: www.scholarsbookshelf.com
Squadron Mail Order
1115 Crowley Dr.
TX 75011-5010
Ph. (972) 245-3504 Fx. (972) 242-3775
Web Site: www.squadron.com
Snyder & Short
PMB 224 - 9175 Kiefer Blvd.
CA 95826-5105
Web Site: www.shipcamouflage.com
Trident Hobbies
4000-D Sardis Church Rd.
NC 28110
Ph. (704) 821-2811
Web Site: www.tridenthobbies.com
Zenith Books
729 Prospect Ave.
WI 54020
Ph. (800) 458-0454
Web Site: www.motorbooks.com
Modeler's Junction
88 Lowell St., Route 113
Methuen, MA 01844
Phone/Fax (978) 683-0885
Web Site: www.modelersjunction.com
United Kingdom
White Ensign Models
Gardeners Cottage
Cowarne Court, Lower Eggleton
Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2UF,
United Kingdom
Phone: (01432) 820403 with 24 hour answering
Fax: #U.K.(01432) 820830
Website: http://www.whiteensignmodels.com
Christian Schmidt Bookstore
Suaerbruchstr. 10
Phone: (49) 89-703227
Website: http://www.christian-schmidt.com
Pit-Road Co. Ltd.
5-10-3 Kajigaya Takatsuku,
Kanagawa 213-0015
Ph. (044) 865-2460 Fx. (044) 865-5221
Web Site: www5b.biglobe.ne.jp/~pitroad/
Nishiyama Yosho Co. Ltd.
Naritaya Bldg., 7-13,
Ginza 3-chome, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061
Ph. (03) 3562-0820 Fx. (03) 3562-0828
Via G. S. Sonnino M.34
43100 Parma,
Ph. (0) 521-292733 Fx. (0) 521-290387
Web Site: www.tuttostoria.it
L 'Arsenal
B. P. No. 2
14790 Verson
Fx. (0)231-26-8658
Web Site: www.larsenal.com

Distributors of Classic Warships Books
Steven's International Distributors
P. O. Box 126
NJ 08049
Ph. (800) 922-0758 or (856) 435-1555
Fx.(856) 627-6274
Web Site: http://www2.stevenshobby.com:5641/
Military Model Distributors
1115 Crowley Dr.
TX 75011-5010
Ph. (972) 245-3504 Fx. (972) 242-3775
Web Site: http://www.squadron.com
Sentai Distributors International
8839 Shirley Ave.
CA 91324
Ph. (800) 638-2519 or (818) 886-3113
Fx. (818) 446-4846
Web Site: http://www.plasticmodels.com
Vanwell Publishing
P. O. Box 2131
St. Catharines
ONT. L2R 7S2
Ph. (800) 661-6136 Fx. (905) 937-1760
Web Site: http://www.vanwell.com
United Kingdom & Europe
Bookworld Wholesale
Unit 10
Hodfar Rd.
Sandy Lane Industrial Estate
Worcestershire DY13 9QB
United Kingdom
Ph. (0) 1299-823330 Fx. (0) 1299-829970