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Tirpitz - Hitler's siste slagskip Book Information
Book Title
Tirpitz - Hitler's siste slagskip
John Asmussen & Kjetil Åkra
Midt-Troms Museum
ISBN Number
10 November 2006
Retail Price
490 NOK (about 59 euro / 77 USD)

Tirpitz - Hitler's siste slagskip - Book Information in details
After two years of work, the book Tirpitz - Hitler's siste slagskip (Tirpitz - Hitler's last battleship) was published 10th of November 2006. The book has been made for Norwegian Midt-Troms Museum.

It is the biggest book ever made of any single German warship.

The book is composed of 368 pages and is printed in A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm / 8.26 x 11.4 inches).

The majority of the book is printed in full colour in order to show colour photos of Tirpitz, aircraft, drawings, 3-D images, maps etc in the best possible way. The book contains about 600 photos and illustrations. Of these are more than 300 photos of Tirpitz and more than 100 of them have never been published before.

Worlds leading experts in different areas have contributed to ensure that the information in the book is as good and accurate as possible. For the first time you will be able to see aircraft profiles of all aircraft involved in reconnaissance and air attacks against Tirpitz as well as German aircraft that was supposed to protect the Tirpitz. They have all been especially made for this book and shows autentic camouflage and ID markings.

A chapter is dedicated to the life onboard the Tirpitz and is based on numerous interviews of veterans and survivors from Tirpitz.

For the first time ever it is also possible to see a 3-D model of Tirpitz in print.

Also, for the first time ever it is now possible to show a list of fallen from Tirpitz which contains 1150 names and other details.

The book also contains drawings showing all known paint schemes Tirpitz ever had. Several chapters deals with technical aspects of the ship and contains text, drawings and photos.

Comprehensive chapters deals with what went wrong the day the Tirpitz were sunk, why Luftwaffe failed to assist the battleship and details about the Bardufoss airfield they operated from. The book also describes the aftermath of the sinking for some of those involved.

The book is only available from Midt-Troms Museum and a few book stores in northern Norway.

Please scroll down to see some samples from the book and from where you can order the book or click on this link.

Tirpitz - Hitler's siste slagskip - Samples from the book
The book contains several colour photos of Tirpitz. Photos and very accurate profiles portrait all aircraft ever involved in reconnaissance and air attacks against Tirpitz. The profiles were especially made for this book.
Previously unpublished detail photos of Tirpitz. The book contains a series of photos from Hitler's visit on Tirpitz 5 May 1941. Here is just a sample.
Detailed information about torpedo attack against Tirpitz, with previously unpublished photos. Tirpitz near Narvik in Norway, one of the photos has never been published before.
Three of these four photos have never been published before. Special chapter about Russian missions against Tirpitz which has previosly been been unknown. Russian aircraft profile made by the worlds leading expert, especially for this book.
3-D image of an X-Craft, technical details and photos of Tirpitz in Kåfjord, Norway. 3-D images showing where Tirpitz was hit by bombs and of which type.
Unique photo of the air strike 15 September 1944, illustration of the Johnnie Walker mine etc. Many photos from the wreck site are in the book.
Major Erhler, responsible for the Luftwaffe fighters in Norway which failed to protect Tirpitz. Chapter about all Tirpitz captains, not seen before.
Documents and diplomas. On scene photos and Tirpitz in 3-D.
Very accurate drawings of all known TP paint schemes. Wreck site and artefact photos.
Old & new photos from the Tirpitz anchorages, Norway. List of fallen from Tirpitz, published for the first time.

Book Purchases
The book is currently out of print but might be re-published later in 2010.