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General Information
In this section you will be able to find and download documents which in different ways relate to naval issues. The section will be expanded and improved when new material is available and preparred. If you have documents, ship plans and other things that is relevant to have here or elsewhere on the website then we would very much appreciate your contribution.
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The files in the archives are Zip files. You need an archive utility (software) in order to decompress the files to read it. There are many programs on the market that can handle the Zip files (some are free). A couple of places to look for it could be: WinZip and Tucows.
British related Documents
14 & 15 inch Shell Development 1943 2,302 MB
16 inch Gun Ballistics WO186-9 1935-1936 172 KB
HE, CAP & AP Burster and Tactical Doctrine Supp 6-481 1946 438 KB
AP, APC, CPC & HE Shell Drawings & Armor Trials 1914 904 KB
German related Documents
Major Cal. Naval Projectiles US TR 393-45 1945 1,138 MB
Steel AP & Theory of Penetration ADM 213-951 1946 20,455 MB

George Elder, USA Supplied a lot of material from his private archive.